What We Do

Customer service reimagined


We are customer service consultants specialising in working with sales and customer service operations, to help drive significant improvements in efficiency; lower costs; higher customer customer satisfaction, and better employee engagement.

We do this by helping you to see your business from a "whole system" (systems thinking) perspective, giving you a better understanding of the real drivers of performance in your business, and allowing you to make informed choices (supported by data & evidence) about change. 

How we work


Our change management method is based around a 3 step approach - Study, Experiment & Act.

We work with your frontline staff and leaders to ensure that all of the learning is retained within your organisation, so when we leave, change is sustainable. Our approach is collaborative, and designed to create buy in from the C-suite to the frontline.

Our Expertise


With experience in contact centres, back offices and even field operations, working in UK and across Europe & Asia, Better Thinking has been proven as a way of significantly improving the efficiency of service organisations, whilst also increasing customer & employee satisfaction. We can also help you to identify the right processes for automation, unlocking even further value!


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